aidosaur asked: Since ADWD, I've been fairly convinced that Jon was named by Rhaegar after Jon Connington.

I have seen that theory occasionally since ADWD, and even considered it myself for a moment when reading of Rhaegar and JonCon’s relationship.

But Rhaegar died some time before Jon was born. Also, it’s most likely that Rhaegar’s taking Lyanna (consensually or otherwise depending on what theories one follows) was to fulfill the prophecy, to birth the third head of the dragon. And he already had two children, Aegon and Rhaenys.

So… the three heads of the dragon would be Aegon, Rhaenys, and Jon? No. I’m sure Rhaegar was certain that his third child would be a girl, a Visenya to be the Prince That Was Promised’s second sister/wife. That was the whole point of having Lyanna as opposed to any other woman, she would be the perfect mother of the fierce warrior queen Rhaegar knew his Aegon had to have.

And the fact that Rhaegar was wrong in this belief was… well, he was wrong about the whole prophecy in general, wasn’t he. Probably a good thing that he didn’t live to see Jon born (or also his other children’s murders of course), it would have totally blitzed his worldview.

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