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I’ve always felt that Aral Vorkosigan and Ned Stark have something in common, since you mention ASOIAF here.

Oh, they totally do. Aral’s honor code, and the way he tears himself up over his betrayal of it? The whole second son, inheriting because of the brutal imperial murder of the elder brother thing? And of course the auburn-haired forthright wife. :)

But there’s also a lot of differences, #1 that Aral actually plays the game (though he doesn’t want to) and wins (by his definition)… And the fact that Aral’s father is alive and a major influence and source of conflict in his life actually reminds me more of Jaime a bit. (As does the whole unwarranted reputation as “the Butcher of Komarr”, although tbh with that and the stone-cold killer thing, I feel another character also could echo there slightly — what is with this thing for black-haired men with grey eyes, anyway?)

And there’s also a lot of elements that don’t echo Ned in the slightest, namely his secret bisexuality and reckless abandon after his first wife’s suicide… really, Aral’s just way too Byronic to be Ned. ;) He and the Vor would probably fit in really well in Westeros, though… the Vorrutyers especially.

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