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which characters are on your most hated list? do you have a post with them? (curious)

Yep, over here. Note the list excludes characters that are already dead, otherwise for sure Tywin and Joffrey and several others would be on it. (And probably Robert too, I suppose. but if I were quantifying it he’d be way down the list.)

Also, if you’re curious, this is my top 10 favorite characters list. (Mind you “favorite” doesn’t equal “loved”, nor does “hated” equal “worst character”, so it’s not quite the opposite of the other list.)

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Wait, can we critique more than one male character at once, or do we just get one guy to hate? I just can’t keep track of all these rules.

Only one person at a time allowed! And if you like Elia then Lyanna must have been a wicked temptress and mean girl. And if you like Lyanna then Elia was a cold and jealous (and ugly) bitch. *rolleyes*

(Whereas I’m certain Elia was beautiful and sweet and gentle and completely blameless, and can only pray that she might have accepted a “sister-wife”, had Rhaegar cared enough to discuss it with her; and that Lyanna was a romantic 14-year-old girl stifled by the patriarchy who was flattered by someone who seemed to care about her for herself and ended up in way over her head; and that Rhaegar was a manchild obsessed more with his prophecies than real people; and that Robert was an egotistical manchild who thought of women more as possessions than people; and that Brandon was a foolhardy and easily angered manchild who cared tremendously about his family; and it’s not simple triangles or pairings and “sides” are irrelevant.)

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