(why on earth would anyone think me saying Rhaegar did stupid shit means I’m defending Robert? I hate Robert. Hell, the whole thing that started my post on Rhaegar was someone asking me if Robert married Lyanna, would it have been any better than his marriage to Cersei, and me going, “no, he still would have been an irresponsible man-child who would cheat, blame his wife for the problems in the marriage, and probably physically fight with her too.” But it’s still a simple fact that Robert, no matter what kind of a jealous idiot he was, couldn’t have been part of a war over Lyanna’s apparent kidnapping if Rhaegar hadn’t been the cause of her disappearance.)

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    Ah there there, people will always have a problem with something or other and apparently in this fandom many people have...
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    Wait, can we critique more than one male character at once, or do we just get one guy to hate? I just can’t keep track...
  3. jonsknown said: which characters are on your most hated list? do you have a post with them? (curious)
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