Anonymous asked: Who are your top 10 favorite ASOIAF characters?

God. Uh. Note this varies depending on who I’ve been reading/writing about more at any given time.

1 & 2: Sansa and Sandor (they switch off constantly. Constantly.)

3, 4, & 5: Jaime, Cersei, Tyrion (always fighting for position, as they totally would)

6. Theon (totally blame ADWD for this, as he wasn’t near my top 10 till then. And then the marvelous essays I saw on tumblr afterwards. And the only reason I don’t follow his tag anymore is that for a while it became nothing but Throbb and Alfie Allen pictures and I’m much more into Judas, baby)

7. Arya

8. Sam

9. Brienne

10. Bran

And very close behind, frequently edging onto my top 10 (especially when I make those first 5 take up only 2 spaces): Catelyn, Dany, Stannis, Oberyn (taken from us far too soon), Asha, Jon, Arianne and the Sand Snakes (Sarella is my fave there), and so on. And it shouldn’t be assumed that anyone who isn’t a favorite (like Davos! I like him a lot even if he isn’t a fave) I consider boring, or actively dislike, or anything. If I dislike someone I’ll let you know. ;)

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