so i’m reading a dance with dragons and Varamyr was thinking about shifting into his animal companions, specifically his wolves, and…

"Varamyr had often slipped inside her skin as she was being mounted by One Eye"



somedeadman asked: *bursts into your inbox* You like Last Action Hero?! That movie is in my top three Schwarzenegger films list because of how just SPITEFULLY trope-filled it is. Also Charles Dance giving NONE OF THE FUCKS.

I love it a lot. I love stories about stories, and meta stuff where the character yells at the author (or the actor in this case) for ruining their lives gets me every time. Having recently re-watched it though, I now realize the movie-within-the-movie is really really awful. I mean, it’s supposed to be, but it’s painful nevertheless. (Also the cartoon cat is frankly silly.) And the kid actor is more irritating than Edward Furlong in T2, which is a neat trick. But I still love the movie anyway. Although it’s Charles Dance who will always win it for me. :)

And speaking of Charles Dance giving no fucks, I hope to watch The Golden Child this coming weekend. Probably my absolute favorite of his roles that I’ve seen.



cattscradle asked: How do you feel about the theory that you're a secret targaryen?


said, I claim Viserion. :D


basiquebitch asked: hello, just wondering––do you ship rhaegar/lyanna? (lmao cus i dont im sorry)

No, not really. I mean, I certainly believe the relationship existed, but I don’t think the feelings I have about it can really be considered “shipping”. I do occasionally reblog shippy fanart that I find beautiful and sad and fascinating and tragic and feels-inducing, but I’m not approving as such. But check those posts linked, check my Rhaegar and Lyanna tags, draw your own conclusions.


rw9704039 asked: Hi! Is it possible that Jaqen went rogue, and is not an instrument of the Faceless Men at all? Jaqen kills people he knows, like Weese and Chiswyck, to repay a debt to Arya, which doesn't seem sympatico with FM rules. Jaqen is imprisoned in the black cells and Rorge and Biter are afraid of him, implying he committed a serious crime. Additionally, there's no indication that the FM care about politics or dragons, and they're not thieves for hire. A faceless "man" killed Balon - not nec. "men."

It’s possible. We know very little about why Jaqen is doing what he’s doing and why he acted so oddly compared with other Faceless Men. But we also don’t know how other Faceless Men would react if they owed a life-debt to someone. Breaking their rules may be part of their rules. And whatever Jaqen’s mission may be, if he is on an assignment, their rules may allow him to do whatever is needed to complete it. We just don’t know.

So while I find the actions of the Faceless Man formerly known as Jaqen H’ghar to be very intriguing, they’re also very confusing… but considering everything going on so far, I’m sure we’ll find out more in TWOW.


aquanthologies1 asked: Who you think will be left alive by the end of the series?

Answered the opposite question here, so just reverse it. This post may also help you.


sarah1281 asked: If Jon Connington lives long enough to learn that Aegon is a fake, what do you think that that news would do to him?

Destroy him emotionally. I hope it doesn’t happen. Then again if he sees the boy he believes to be Rhaegar’s son die horribly, that would also destroy him emotionally. So I kind of wish that JonCon will die before all the horrible things go down, which means he probably won’t. :/


elrewin asked: Hi ! I wondered what are your thoughts about Jalabhar Xho. I find we hear quite a lot about him (he's regularly mentioned) but not enough to be a regular character. Do you think he'll have a role later ? My theory is he's one of Illyrio's spies, or somebody else's. What do you think ?

While I do find Jalabhar Xho intriguing, I don’t really think he has that much of a role in the books, unfortunately. He’s just kind of there, just to be, well, an exotic and colorful non-native and member of the King’s Landing court. (In comparison with other Summer Islanders, Chataya, Alayaya, Xhondo, and Kojja Mo have far more defined characters, even though he’s been in all the books and they haven’t.)

It’s possible he may be a spy, but I sincerely doubt it — he may have reported to Varys or other players, many people in King’s Landing do, but that’s not his primary role. I think he’s simply exactly what he says he is, an exile prince who hoped the king of Westeros would give him soldiers to take back his lands.

But note he was one of those men who the Blue Bard named (while under torture) as Margaery’s lovers, and is currently imprisoned awaiting her trial. In the dungeons, under Qyburn’s charge, which you know is not good at all. So he’s probably being tortured, and so will give witness against her when the time comes. What happens to him after that, we’ll just have to see.

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